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Audi S3 vs Golf R

Audi S3:
Yes, the four rings we all are familiar with. Audi, a brand known to be trusted by many people. Audi over the years, has been able to build a reputation of reliability and luxury. German vehicles are known today to be some of the most popularly driven and owned vehicles throughout Europe. The reason being vehicles that are designed and built under the name of Audi are today one of the most desirable, comfortable, stylish and luxurious vehicles in the market. This is mainly due to the innovative exterior and interior design installed with its latest models. With the use of the aggressive design features and technological development, Audi is a very strong competitor in the automotive industry.

Some of the main unique selling point of the Audi S3 are the technology included within the vehicle. With the 'Tech Pack' the vehicle gets the all-new updated infotainment system and the 'Audi's Virtual Cockpit' which allows the driver to have a full sized navigation system within the cockpit and all necessary information digitally installed with the necessary options to switch through the digital display settings that suits the liking and situational needs of the driver. In addition, one of the safety technology that is available with the new model Audi S3 is the Multi-Collision Braking which allows the driver to lower the risk of a road accident. With the addition of an aggressive and stylish exterior design and the luxurious and sporty interior design, the Audi S3 is a vehicle of performance and luxury in one.

The Audi S3 is installed with the latest engine specs, with the famous Audi Quattro system, control over the car has never been this efficient, safe and fun; providing assisted traction control and grip over the road at all whether conditions. With 310 BHP and with an impressive 0-60 record of 4.6 seconds, the Audi S3 is quick enough to feel immense power underneath your foot. The question is, do you really need the RS3? well, if you do have a budget that is able to support an RS3 then why not?. With its 2.5 TFSI Quattro engine, the RS3 is faster by 0.5 seconds. With the Addition in value of £7,000 you are able to obtain a faster vehicle with additional exterior features that highlight the RS look. The question of whether if its worth it or not is entirely down to the preference of the customer and his/her financial budget.

Golf R:
The Golf R. This is the vehicle that is usually preferred over the Audi S3 simply because the Golf R has a very large 'fan' base that just love the way this car feels and looks. The Golf R is the top model within the Golf model range with its distinctive looking features, alloys, and interior. The Golf R feels and looks like the car you dreamed of having as a kid. The vehicle feels like it has only been designed for one purpose and one purpose only; performance. The Golf has been one of the most successful model in sales throughout the years with its pricing strategy and its distinctive design. Even though Volkswagen owns both Audi and the Golf model, the competition between both vehicles is only an advantage to Volkswagen. Giving customers the option of similar performance hot hatch vehicles with two completely different designs allows Volkswagen to widen its market and demand for its vehicles.

With its 4Motion Technology and 310 BHP, performance wise, it is a very similar car to the Audi S3. However, the safety features on the Audi S3 are better than the Golf R, ranking the Golf R at a higher insurance group in comparison to the Audi S3. The Golf R is slightly lower in price compared to the Audi S3 however, if you are going for a hot hatch, preference out weighs the comparison in prices.

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Posted on 11th December 2017 at 11:56 AM

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